Having Brandie on our birth team was hands-down the best decision we made for the birth of our second child! After a previous traumatic birth experience I had a lot of anxiety leading up to the delivery of baby #2.  Even more so after some complications discovered midway through my pregnancy moved us into the "high risk" category . Brandie was there with us every step of the way with her considerable knowledge and unwavering support as we adjusted our birth plan. Having her skilled and caring support during labor and delivery made an enormous difference over my previous birth. I believe whole-heartedly that she is the reason I was able to achieve a drug-free hospital birth.  An amazing, healing experience after the trauma from my first delivery. Brandie worked so well with the whole family including our ten-year-old son, as well as with the labor and delivery nurses at the hospital. We are so glad we found Brandie to help bring our precious baby boy earthside! -Amanda Morey


"We cannot thank Brandie enough for all of her support, reassurance and encouragement as our birth doula. She was such a calming presence throughout the entire process. Both on the phone and in person, we couldn’t have managed without her! Brandie translated our birth plan and my wishes to have a natural, medication free experience into a manageable labor and beautiful delivery. She fluidly adjusted to my changing needs during labor, offering pain management options and emotional support from her heart. Brandie was an efficient advocate for us at our hospital birth, giving me and my husband the opportunity to focus our energy on the little miracle that was about to happen. I am so proud of what I did that day, and I have Brandie to thank for it. Brandie is an amazingly caring individual and this shines in her doula skills. Grayson’s birth was an emotional, wonderful and memorable experience for us, and we are so grateful that Brandie was there to share it with us. Thank you again with all our hearts.” - Graham & Kellsey Ruppel


Brandie Anderson has taught prenatal classes with me for over a year now. I have seen her calm and confident interactions with many pregnant couples, as well as her vast knowledge on labor and birth. I cannot imagine a hospital birth without a doula, and would recommend her to anyone! -Lauryn Brunclik, Blue Hills Chiropractic

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